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Showing an Ocicat  
    Showing/breeding is a HOBBY, first and foremost. Like most hobbies it is to be enjoyed and usually is expensive. If you took on skiing as a hobby you wouldn't go to the top of the highest hill and attempt to learn. So in showing, you need to learn and progress.

Over the years I've seen many new show hobbyists become discouraged because they jumped in with both feet and become discouraged and disappointed. I don't want to see that happen, it eliminates what could be people important to the breeds development. So this advice is for those who are truly interested in getting started.

Without knowing the standard, ask any breeder it isn't
always easy to understand, how can anyone expect to
purchase their "SHOW" cats and begin this expensive hobby.
Expensive you say, yes, not only the initial cost of the
cat but cat show entries, gas, hotels, food why not put your money where it will do some good? If like I said earlier you wanted to ski, the best way would be to take some lessons. So in showing the best way to "TAKE LESSONS" is to get involved in showing thru a way that allows you the fun, enjoyment of meeting the show people without the expense involved in purchasing a cat who does not win.
Let's face it, winning is important. The camaraderie of making friends is great but you have to be at the shows to do this. Learning the standard and seeing actual show cats and how they compare in the show ring requires you being there. Getting to know the breeders, discussing aspects of the Ocicat, deciding for yourself the best lines you would like to work with and your future goals for your showing/breeding program is something you can decide as you show. And the BEST way to do this is to show in premiership.

Most top breeders care about their work they have done in the breed and many want to trust that the person inquiring about showing is truthful, but we have learned that this isn't always true. So for a lot they have learned not to offer whole cats to just anyone until they get to know them. And the only way to get to know someone most of the time is a long term relationship. When I showed in dogs we did not have the luxury of showing an altered animal. But in cats this is an option I think many do not take the advantage of.
As a breeder we run across the situation sometimes of having more show animals then show homes, this
applies especially to whole animals. So many of our "show" cats are placed as pets....although we would truly love to see them shown. As a new person to showing this is the advantage you have. To purchase a neutered/spayed Ocicat to show, getting you at the cat shows and gives you the advantage of meeting many breeders. It also give you the advantage of really deciding if you are into showing, if so you have now a "foot in the door" and if have a wonderful pet to live out your life with.

Deciding on who to purchase your premier from is important too. I recommend contacting a cattery who has a winning record. Ask for pictures of kittens eligible for premiership and don't hesitate to ask advice of other
Ocicat show people. Here is a LIST of show cats for the 2012-2013 show season. You will begin to see a repeat of certain cattery names which shows you these
people are very show oriented. These are usually the best places to start when you are looking for a show premier.
Many of these breeders are listed on my breeder page. Most of these breeders will be interested in mentoring you through the process of becoming an OCICAT person. Once you have proven yourself in the show ring you will find many will be open to helping you get started in showing/breeding if that is the area you are interested in.
Don't have exactly a great show cat, how about other show competition.

As a cousin to the dog agility seen on TV the cat fanciers have put together CAT agility. A natural for all cats.