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Health and Temperament  

I have found over the years that like ALL cats Ocicats can be prone to health problems. This is an issue close to all our hearts and reputable breeders do their very best to breed and sell cats who hopefully will never have major health issues.

The majority of reputable breeders sell kittens/cats with
contracts to cover health problems you may come upon. But most can't cover problems which occur that are not related to the genetics of the cats such as FUS or geriatic problems that develop with old age.

Stress related problems such as URls (upper respiratory infections) which can occur when going to a new home is something you need to keep in close contact with your breeder. We have experienced these problems over the years and most breeders can help with any questions.

Make sure you have a contract with your new kitten/cat to ensure these areas are covered and develop good
communication with your breeder.


From my experience Ocicats range in temperament just like any other cat ALTHOUGH overall the Ocicat is a very personable cat wanting contact with the owner at all times. Even with a somewhat shy cat they still seem to want to be close to their owner.

If you have a large family make sure you ask that the
kitten be more outgoing. If you are a single person a shy cat would be a fantastic pet. I have all the personalities, I have one male who has always been very shy but he loves me and his favorite place at night is lying next to me in bed. I also have a very outgoing female who an extrovert with people.