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Why an Ocicat? Or how I ended up having a houseful!

In 1970 I got into showing with dogs. Weimaraners to be exact. I liked the breed's qualities such as being loyal to their owners, intelligent (when they wanted to be), Weimaranershorthaired and lap dogs. In 1988 I had two Weims left, but lost the oldest to age and bloat. It was time for me to get a cat as the one I lost did not like them. So I started my search for a cat which came close to the same attributes as my Weimaraners. The Ocicat fit the bill. Loyal to their owners, intelligent (when they wanted to be), shorthaired and lap cats (males fit this criteria more then females). But the added bonus was their spotted coat.
I met and became friends with Bill McKee (Ociville Cattery) and finally found the Ocicat I wanted. Mind youI was only wanting a pet. But somehow Bill talked me into at least breeding one litter. I was hooked and here I am some 17 years later.
I am a small cattery in North Carolina. I am a member of the Breed Council in CFA. I am also involved in Ocicat Rottweiler, Pug
Rescue. My husband and myself not only have the Ocicats but have two rescue cats who were found as kittens and three rescue dogs. A regular ZOO.

The Ocicat I have found to be a great family cat. Although some make close attachments to one family member most tend to drawn to everyone who gives them the attention they deserve. They are funny about meeting me at the door when I come home, following me from room to room and generally Kisha, chocolate spotted femaletrying to help with whatever I am trying to do. If you want a distant cat, an Ocicat is not for you. They have wonderfully short coats, and generally are very healthy. Not as talkative or active as their foundation cats the Siamese but they are athletic and enjoy a game of fetch. They take well to walking on leash and harness and most thoroughly enjoy riding in the car.