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Ocicats from Blackwater  
GC Ociville Kisha Of Blackwater

Kisha was out of my first breeding and my first grand. She was a very feminine chocolate spotted girl who held her own with the boys. Pedigree
GC, PR Blackwater Korvette Of Timberwild aka Stinky

My pride and joy and momma's baby boy. Now 14 years old
he sleeps with me every night and lives to be petted. His favorite night time ritual is to dig at the covers so I hold them up for him to get under. Pedigree
GC Blackwater Teak Of Dot2dot

Gorgeous, sweet chocolate spotted male. Thanks to Terri
Barnes in Tennessee who showed this boy to his grand title. Pedigree
CH Blackwater Jumanji Of Timberwild AKA Juma

A beautiful chocolate spotted female, she is the QUEEN of all she surveys. Juma was a big girl weighting in around  12 lbs. She gave the boys a run for their money.
Unfortunately, like with any princess she had a different
idea of how to be a show cat then everyone else. In her day she has produced wonder offspring showing across the country. Pedigree

GC RW Blackwater Goldenseal of Ocigatos

A stunning chocolate spotted male shown fantastically by Kathy Gumm of Ocigatos cattery. Thanks a million Kathy for doing so well with this boy.
To read about his here Pedigree

GC Blackwater Mr. Bill of Rockn' Spots aka Billy

The Ocicat is allowed to outcross to Abyssinian until the
year 2015. This allows us some diversity in our gene pool.
The first generation is ticked like an Aby, the next
generation usually will produce some ticked and some
spotted. Billy is one such cat, an F2 tawny.

I would like to thank Sandy and Mike Wagner for showing
Billy to his grand in CFA. Pedigree
CH Blackwater Sluggo of Catiators

This boy is being shown by Anne McCulloch. He has more then proven his worth as stud cat producing some beautiful babies. Like his brother Billy he is called an F2, meaning his grandfather was an Aby.  Pedigree
GP Blackwater Ginseng of Wildtracks

A chocolate spotted male who was shown beautifully by Sue Riley of Wildtracks. He now is retired and lives in New England spending his leisure time on his owners boat. His brother went on to receive several wins, GRC RW Blackwater Goldenseal of Ocigatos.  Pedigree
CH Blackwater Mufasa Of Timberwild

One of my home neuters now Mufasa had to retire from the show ring due to an accident. He had 149 points toward his Grand (200) all earned in three shows. His sister Blackwater Sarabi went to live in Denmark where she produced for the European lines. Pedigree
Blackwater Antares Of Wild Rain DM

A chocolate spotted girl who went on to receive a DM (Distinguished Merit).
This is accomplished by her producing at least 5 Grands in CFA. I want to
thank David and Carol Freels of Wild Rain for their hard work in making
Tares a DM.

Click here to see information and pics of her and some of her offspring. Pedigree
      GC Blackwater Mahogany Of Timberwild aka Hogan

Beautiful chocolate spotted boy shown by Jim and Alana DeBruhl of Timberwild cattery. His brother GC Blackwater Teak Of Dot2dot also granded and his sister
CH Blackwater Manzanita went on to produce a DM, Blackwater Antares
Of  Wild Rain. Pedigree
      GP Blackwater Fire Down Below aka Honey

A gorgeous cinnamon girl who granded in three shows. Her favorite passtime was sleeping in the hotel sinks at shows. She lives with my brother and is now 13 years old. Pedigree
      GP Blackwater Songomas of Low Country

A sweet chocolate spotted boy who was shown lovingly by Jacqui Bennett of Low Country Ocicats. He is now retired and living as the #1 housecat at Low Country. Pedigree
      Blackwater Moustafa Of Timberwild

A large chocolate spotted boy shown as a kitten by Jim and Alana DeBruhl of Timberwild. A son of Juma and Mufasa he had only a short career as a show kitten
but he has proven his worth by producing two Grands, GC C-N Spots Majis Gift of
Low Country and GC Low Country Pnut Britl, Pnut was Low Country's first home bred grand. Pedigree
      Catiators Firefox of Blackwater

A gorgeous cinnamon boy who came from Anne at Catiators Ocicats.
Thanks again Anne, look for him in upcoming litters from Blackwater. Pedigree