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Buying your Ocicat  

Purchasing your Ocicat should be a well thought out plan. An Ocicat will be with you possibly for the next 20 years. Such a long term commitment needs more then just buying OFF THE SHELF. At my BREEDER links you will find many Ocicat breeders who I personally have dealt with over the years and have the Ocicat breed as their main objective when breeding. They are show breeders and have gained their reputation over the years by producing not only award winning cats but care about the future of the breed by caring about the health and well being of the kittens they place. Remember although we breed for show we do have pet kittens available from our litters, these kittens exhibit the attributes expected of the breed. There are breeders who also produce pet kittens, but the majority of these only produce for the pet buying market and are not in this for the love of the breed and its future. PLEASE, if you opt to purchase an Ocicat buy from a reputable breeder.
A good place to start looking for a Breeder would be my Breeder Links page (on your left), or through the listings of Ocicat clubs located on my Ocicats Worldwide link.


Average life span of showing/breeding in dogs and cats is five years. Many become discouraged because they fail to get the appropriate information needed to be successful.
CFA offers a MENTOR ( program designed to get you in touch with someone who shows and give you advice. There is a lot of reading material available through the links on this page to get you started in understanding the wonderful world of showing.  

CATSHOW-MENTORS is an email list if you are interested in showing.